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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Aerospace Industry in Bristol

Something we're often asked is what makes Bristol a special place to study aerospace. Many high quality universities teach the subject, so why pick one over another? One answer to this is our location.

Bristol has a long history of association with the aerospace industry, which places us in a geographically excellent position; only 6km away from the main university precinct is the Filton site. This proximity translates in to benefits for both our teaching and research. Airbus UK, AugustaWestland and Astrium are partners on our group design project, which means their technical staff provide supporting lectures and supervision for the design project groups.

In later years, these connections benefit undergraduate research projects, as our academic staff collaborate closely with industry and research topics for undergraduates follow those of the supervising staff.

The presence of the industry in Bristol, or its proximity to the university, is not necessarily obvious, so I've created a map with some key locations. Collaboration over a few kilometres is an easier task - our department really sits in the heart of UK aerospace.