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Friday, 18 January 2013



A slightly late "happy new year" to all our applicants.  Today's snow disruption has given me some time for a blog update and an excuse to post a photo.  I snapped the above on my walk home from the University earlier today.

Our Wednesday taster sessions for offer holders are filling up. We don't run these for most of January to avoid clashes with exams and weather disruption - see above.  Our first three of 2013 are January 30th and February 6th and 13th, which are all full.  Please check your VIP page if you were on the "reserve list" for 30 Jan or 6 Feb, as we have made some extra places available.  February 27th is nearly full and March 6th and 20th still had space when I checked earlier in the week.  Book now to avoid disappointment!

The passage of the UCAS deadline last week gives us a moment to reflect on the state of play in terms of statistics.  As of 15th January we had received 525 applications, compared to 527 on the same date last year.  I'd say that's consistent enough.  With the deadline passed, we will be making some more offers.  Late applications can be accepted but we don't have to treat them the same as all others, so we no longer have to hold back some offers in case of a later surge.

The statistics surrounding offers and places are misleading: between changes in fees, exam marking, prediction patterns and variations in other courses within the Faculty of Engineering, it's been a long time since we had two years the same.  Beware trying to draw conclusions from one year for the next.  We are looking for roughly 120 students and we will make roughly twice that many offers, but there are variations of about +/- 20% on those numbers depending on the factors mentioned.  This means I am frustratingly unable to give a simple answer to the question "What do I need to get into Bristol?"  There is no strategy - just work hard and show your interests.

Good luck in your exams if you have them.