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Friday, 24 August 2012


We're now in the short quiet period between our 2012 entry cycle, which is all but concluded now the A-level results have been settled, and the 2013 cycle, which starts in about a week when UCAS opens to applications.  (We haven't forgotten, however, about the small number of applicants to who are still awaiting results, and those of you who have already applied for deferred 2013 entry.)

What can 2013 applicants learn from the 2012 cycle?  Not a vast amount, I'm afraid.  With all the changes in grading, we ended up taking more than the usual number of "near-miss" candidates.  However, that experience will be fed back into next year's offer decisions, so it's hard to predict what'll happen next August.  Applications were up by about 8% on 2011 cycle, but again, that's not consistent enough to be a clear trend.

Planning has been going on all summer for our activities for the 2013 cycle.  We don't have any major changes in store - entry criteria will remain the same.  However, we've had some feedback on our processes from last year and we'll be refining our visit day programme to help offer holders get the most out of their chosen Wednesday.

To those of you who have secured places this year: we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks time.  To those thinking of applying for 2013: we look forward to seeing many of you at the forthcoming Open Day on September 22nd and to receiving your applications.