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Monday, 23 July 2012

FAQ: Can you arrange work placements for students?

We don't provide this as an automatic service: it's up to individual students to do the ground work.  However, we can exploit our industrial links to help in various ways.  For example, companies often send us details of opportunities that we circulate amongst our students, and we can help make contact with the many companies we work with.  The Faculty of Engineering has an Industrial Liaison Office to bring all these contacts and opportunities together for easy access.

We encourage students to pursue industrial experience in parallel with their studies, either by taking a year or during summers.  Oddly, far fewer students actually go through with the full year than ask about it at admissions events.  One factor is that it typically means you finish your degree with a different cohort of peers than the one you started with.  That said, students who do gain experience often emerge in their final year as academically stronger, more mature, and having a good job lined up.