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This blog is maintained by the Undergraduate Admissions Tutors in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. Here you will find FAQ answers and news updates on our admissions process. For more information, visit the Department home page or the undergraduate admissions home page.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Welcome to the Aero admissions blog

Starting with the admissions cycle for 2013 entry, we will use this blog to keep applicants, prospective applicants and offer holders up to date with how our process is going.  Posts on this blog come straight from the academic admissions tutors.  Official responses will still be communicated via UCAS and each applicant's individual VIP page on our online system - this blog will hope to add to those but not replace them.

It's inevitable that the admissions process can lead to long periods of waiting, for both sides.  We usually have to wait and see how the overall standard of applications looks before we can decide exactly who should get offers.  This delay means that some people end up "on hold" and I appreciate how frustrating that can be.  This blog won't make that go any quicker, but I hope that we can take the edge of the wait by giving just a little more information about how things are going here.

Dr Arthur Richards, Admissions Tutor